AIR may be used whenever a personal, separate climate is needed:

Maintain normal activities during a pandemic.

Travelling on a plane or other mass transit.

As a courtesy to others when feeling ill.

When air pollution levels are high.

Visiting the sick or immune compromised.

When pollen count is high.

Michael Hall envisioned a new wearable while skiing with his family in the mountains of Utah.  As he spoke with his children on the lift, he could not see their faces.  They were obstructed by ski masks, goggles, and other clothing.  This equipment quickly gets wet, cold, and gross.  He envisioned a new kind of wearable that would create a “Micro climate” around the head.

Michael made some early prototypes, fitting them with thermocouples, gas analyzers, and other instrumentation to prove out the ventilation and sealing.  David Hall, Chairman, quickly saw the potential of AIR beyond cold weather applications.  He helped the team pivot to include health and air quality considerations.

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AIR by MicroClimate was founded in an innovation hub – Hall Labs – renowned in the fields of energy technology, material science, clean-tech, and manufacturing.  Hall Labs is a modern-day Edison lab with 70 years of track record of developing and deploying new technologies and innovations successfully.  Novatek, Vanderhall, and Medic Life are just a few examples of the portfolio companies that have blossomed from Hall Labs. There have been over 900 patent filings since 1955. In recent years, Hall Labs has seen multiple $100M+ exits in its portfolio companies.


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